keeping the bed!

We went on this exercise-mission last Wednesday, and we have been liing outside in a tent since that! The weather? Well it’s been snowing alot, so it’s been a very cold experience! We have used 6 days on operating the base! But Yeasterday they sent me back to camp because I got the flue! So now I have to keep the bed until tomorrow! It’s not fun at all!
When I’m sick I’m so used to have my mom beeing there feeling sorry for me, I realy miss that right now! But my motivation is that on this Friday I get to go home to her, only for a weekend thoug, but still, I’m so exited!


This is how Kirkenes looks like, first one is taken in September, last one in November!



Just posting a picture of myself so you guys can see that my face still exists! :)

New start!

I’m realy not sure how many times I’we wrote a post like this, but I’m sure the number is getting pretty high!
Last week I decided to put my fingers into webdesigns again! Actually I can’t remember the last time I workd out a “header” in photoshop, so when I wanted to get into it again, I didn’t remember how to start! But now I’we finished out a new layout for the site and I turned out to be pretty happy about it!

Well about me, what have I been up to?
I finished highschool last year, and from that summer and all the way to new year 2012 I worked on a supermarked! (Not the best job!) haha! After new year I got a new job in a kinder garden, pretty awesome actually, I liked that job alot, but I only worked there for 6 months, because when the summer came I went to Croatia for three weeks and when I returned Norway, I went stright in to the army, so the last half of this year I’we been in a place called Kirkenes, it’s as far up north in Norway you can get, it’s beside the Russisian abd the Finnish boundary and I after christmas I’m most definately going to become a border! I don’t regret the fact that I joined the norwegian force, it’s been a great time so far and I get to know all these new amazing people!
So what have you guys been up to?

This is a picture of me and a homie when we marches off to the airport, it’s when we where going home on vacation! (So excited)